League rules





1   The name of the Association shall be ’The Solihull District Badminton League’ and it shall exist to organise and control the badminton leagues set up on a local basis in Solihull.


2   The League shall affiliate to the Warwickshire Badminton Association as a District Association.   


3   (a) An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year for the purpose of receiving the Hon. Secretary’s report for the preceding season, electing a committee comprising a Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon Treasurer, Fixtures Secretary and six other members, appointing an Hon. Auditor, fixing the League fees and conducting other general business. Where any vacancy on the Committee, as specified in the foregoing, is not filled by election at the Annual General Meeting held for that purpose, among others, of electing that Committee, or where any casual vacancy arises on the Committee during a season, such vacancy may be filled by the co-option to the Committee, by its existing members in a quorate meeting, of sufficient additional persons to fill the said vacancies;


(b) A Special General Meeting may be convened at any time by the Management Committee of the Warwickshire Badminton Association or by the Hon. Secretary upon receiving notice in writing to do so from at least three member clubs.  An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Hon. Secretary of the League, at the request of the League Committee, for any particular purpose for which the Committee considers it to be desirable.  Such a meeting shall be convened by the Hon. Secretary within one calendar month after a resolution of the WBA Committee or of the League Committee, or a request by the required number of member clubs, as the case may be, and the business of such meetings shall be limited strictly to the purpose stated in the notice convening the same;


     (c) Fourteen days’ notice shall be given of General Meetings;


     (d) There shall be a quorum for meetings as follows;


  • For a General Meeting of the League of representation of half the clubs that are, at the time of that meeting, members of the Solihull District Badminton League;
  • For a meeting of the League Committee of half of the membership of that committee, as constituted at the start of that meeting.


4   At General Meetings, each member club shall have one vote and voting shall be by show of hands unless one fifth of those present and entitled to vote demand a ballot.  In the case of a tie the Chairman shall have a casting vote.


5   These Rules and those in the Appendix hereto may be amended at a General Meeting provided that such amendment is approved by a majority of the votes cast by those present and entitled to vote. Any proposed amendment to these Rules and to the Appendix thereto, must be made in writing and reach the Hon. Secretary at least twenty-eight days before the date of the meeting.  The notice convening the meeting must mention specifically any amendments to be made.


6   The day-to-day management and control of the League shall be vested in the Hon. Secretary, but any member of any club belonging to the League who is dissatisfied with a decision made by such Hon. Secretary may appeal to the League Committee.


7   Any club of which the object, or one of the objects, is badminton which is affiliated to its appropriate County Association shall be entitled to play in the League and be a member of the Association.


8   The fees for each season shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting, as mentioned in Rule 3(a), the intention being that such fees will cover the Committee’s expenses.


9   If upon the winding up or dissolution of the League there remain, after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any properties or assets whatsoever, the same shall belong to, and be paid to, those clubs that were members of the league at the time of such winding up or dissolution.  The said properties and assets shall be divided among such clubs.



(Being the Rules relating to the management of Badminton Leagues in Solihull)


   A   (i) There shall be five leagues, namely: Combined Doubles, Ladies’ Doubles, Men’s Doubles, Singles and Junior.  Where more than six clubs wish to enter any league, such league shall be divided into divisions.  In any league, each division shall, where possible, consist of five teams, but may consist of not more than six teams and not less than four.  Each division shall, from season to season, comprise such number of teams as the Committee shall determine.

   (ii) Except as otherwise provided in the Rules of the League, in this Appendix or in the rules of any competition run by the League, all league and cup competitions shall be played under the prevailing International Badminton Federation “Laws of Badminton”.


B    (i) Where the leagues consist of more than one division, then, depending on the number of teams, it shall be constituted as follows:-


            Grade 1:       1 division               Grade 4:                      2 divisions of equal status

            Grade 2:       1 division               Grade 5 and

            Grade 3:       1 division               subsequent grades:     4 divisions of equal status


  • For succeeding seasons, the top team in every division (except Grade 1) shall be promoted to the next higher grade and the bottom team or bottom two teams in any division shall be relegated to the next lower grade, except that no club shall be permitted to have more than two teams in any division other than the lowest.
  • Where, under the normal promotion arrangements, a club would have more than two teams in a division (other than the lowest) any promotion to such division shall be limited to sufficient teams for the club to have two teams in that division.
  • If, under the normal promotion provisions, any further team of that club should be promoted to the same division, such team shall not be promoted and the next highest team in the division shall be entitled to challenge to a play-off match against the lowest placed team that would otherwise been relegated from the division above for its place in that higher division.
  • Alternatively, where, as a result of relegation of one or more of its teams, a club would have more than two teams in a division other than the lowest in any league, the lowest placed of its teams that would otherwise remain in that division, will be relegated to a still lower division.
  • Where the number of teams in the lowest grade is less than the number of divisions in the next higher grade, the teams to be relegated shall be those which are at the bottom of their respective divisions and have the worst record of rubbers won (ranking in that order) in proportion to the number of teams in the division


(ii) A match result shall be determined by the following criteria:  Rubbers, games, points. League positions shall be decided on the following criteria; Matches won, matches drawn, rubbers for, games for, points for, then rubbers against, games against, points against. In the event of any teams having identical results, the team to be promoted or relegated shall be decided by the outcome of the two matches played against each other with the same criteria applying in the same order.


   C  Any team entering or joining a league shall be placed in the lowest division and any vacancy in a higher division shall be filled by promotion from the division immediately below, except in so far as the Hon. Secretary is empowered to decide otherwise by a specific direction given at any General Meeting.


D   A match in the Combined, Ladies’, Men’s and Junior Doubles Leagues, shall consist of six rubbers, each pair playing all pairs in the opposing team.  Each rubber shall be the best of three games using the rally point system.


E    A team in the Combined Doubles League shall consist of two men and two ladies.  A match shall consist of six rubbers.  Each rubber shall be the best of three games using the rally point system.  The team captains shall exchange nominations of order of play before play commences.  If the score is three all, then the result shall be decided by games, then aces.  The order of play for each match shall be as given below, unless mutually agreed otherwise:-


                                 Home Team:                      Man 1 & Lady 1           Man 2 & Lady 2           Man 1 & Lady 2       Man 2 & Lady 1

         Away Team:          Man 1 & Lady 1           Man 2 & Lady 2           Man 1 & Lady 2           Man 2 & Lady 1

                                    One Men’s Doubles rubber                                          One Ladies’ Doubles rubber


F    A team in the Ladies’ Doubles and Men’s Doubles Leagues shall consist of four ladies/four men. A match shall consist of six rubbers.  Each rubber shall be the best of three games using the rally point system.  The team captains shall exchange nominations of order of play before play commences.  If the score is three all, then the result shall be decided by games then aces.  The order of play for each match shall be as given below, unless mutually agreed otherwise:-

      Home Team:          Lady/Man                   1&2,  3&4,  3&4,  1&2,  1&3,  2&4

         Away Team:          Lady/Man                    1&2,  3&4,  1&2,  3&4,  1&3,  2&4


G   A team in the Singles League shall consist of two players.  A match shall consist of five rubbers, playing 4 singles and one doubles.  Each rubber shall be the best of three games using the rally point system. The team captains shall exchange nominations of order of play before play commences.  The order of play for each match shall be as given below, unless mutually agreed otherwise:-

      Home Team:                      Player 1      Player 2      Player 2            Player 1           

         Away Team:                      Player 1      Player 2      Player 1            Player 2            One men’s doubles


H   Any matches cancelled because of the unavailability of a league venue, extreme weather or other good cause (which does not include unavailability of players) shall be re-arranged by the League Committee on a suitable date.


I     (i) If a fixture is forfeited, then a score of six rubbers to nil (five rubbers to nil in singles) is to be recorded against the team concerned;

(ii) Where, owing to an incomplete team, six rubbers are not completed, two games of 21-0 are to be recorded for each rubber not played against the team concerned;

(iii) If, owing to injury during a match, or for any other reason, a player retires and takes no further part in the match, a substitute is NOT allowed.  In such case, any un-played rubbers are scored as in Rule I(ii)

(iv) and, if the retirement takes place part way through a rubber, any un-played games in that rubber are to be scored 21-0 against the defaulting pair.  In a partly completed game, any points already scored by the defaulting pair shall stand.  In such circumstances, 21 points shall be awarded to the opposing pair.  However, if, after retiring from a rubber, a player is fit to resume play for a subsequent rubber, the earlier rubber from which retirement took place shall be scored as in Rule I(ii);

(v) (a) All teams must have at least one pair (doubles) and one player (singles) ready to play at 6.00pm.  Failure to do so means the forfeit of one rubber by the defaulting team – this must be claimed at the start of the match. 

   (b) If a team does not have a pair ready to play after 15 minutes after the start time, a second rubber must be forfeited.

   (c) If a team does not have a pair ready to play after 30 minutes after the start time, a third rubber must be forfeited.

   (d)       If a team does not have a pair ready to play after 45 minutes after the start time, the whole match must be forfeited.

(vi) At the League venues, in the event of failure to achieve continuous play Rule I(v)(a) shall be invoked by the person on duty;


J   Players must be bona-fide members of the club or clubs for whom they play and no player shall play for more than one club in the same league.  However, a player who is a bona-fide member of more than one club may play in a team, for example, the Combined League for one club and team in the Ladies’, Men’s or Singles league for another club.


K    Where a club enters more than one team in a league, then, before its first match of any description, it shall send to the League Fixtures Secretary the names of three players, nominated for each team, except the lowest placed (one player for the singles league).

   Nominated players shall not be permitted to play for a team placed lower than that for which they have been nominated.  In addition, any player having played three times for a particular team in one season, shall not then be allowed to play for a lower team or for a parallel team of lower precedence in that season. 

   The first team shall play at least two of its league matches before any lower team plays its first match, except as provided for in Rule L below.  In addition, where a club has more than two teams in any league, each team entered by that club in that league must play at least two matches before any lower team by such plays its first match, except as provided for in Rule L. 

   For the purpose of this rule, where a club has teams in parallel division, the club shall opt, when nominating players in accordance with this Rule, as to the order of precedence of those teams for which the player is nominated.


L    A club may have more than one team in the same division, but, in such cases, a player may play in only one of those teams and no nominations will be required unless the club has a team or teams in a lower division or lower divisions, or in a parallel division but of lower precedence, in accordance with an option under Rule K(i).  In addition, where a club has teams in the same division, the matches between those teams shall be played before those against any other teams in that division.


M   Lets and faults in the League venues are as set out by the League Committee.


N   Shuttles to a standard approved by the Committee of the Solihull District Badminton League shall be used.  In Division 1 feather shuttles must be used.


   O   Umpires may be appointed at the discretion of the team captains.


P    (i) The dates, times and venues shall be as decided by the League Committee.  Fixtures shall be notified to clubs at the Annual General Meeting or as soon as possible thereafter.

(ii) A match fee shall be collected from each player by each team captain and handed to the person on duty.

(iii) In the event of a match being uncompleted owing to lack of time, the team with more rubbers wins the match.

(iv) The club on duty, as notified in the duty rota issued by the Hon. Secretary, shall be responsible for the collection and forwarding to the Hon. Treasurer of the match fees collected from the relevant teams in accordance with the form provided,


Q   (i)[a] Each club must register with the League Secretary or his/her designated representative, prior to its first league fixture, a list of players on the form provided by the League Committee.  Subject to the regulations in this appendix, any player so registered shall be eligible, immediately, to represent that club in league matches.  In addition, any registrations made subsequently, but not later than 15th October in the relevant season, using the same procedure shall carry immediate eligibility.

   [b] For any player not registered in accordance with [a] above, registration should be made following the procedure there outlined.  Such player shall not, however, be eligible to represent the club until 7 days have elapsed from the date on which the registration is received by the League Secretary or designated representative.  Thereafter, eligibility to represent the club shall be subject to the regulations contained in this appendix.

(ii) No player shall be eligible to play for a club in SDBL league competition unless registered in accordance with Rule Q(i)above.


R    A team conceding a match before 1st January shall have a 6-0/6-0 defeat recorded against it with no further action (except for the fees penalty as set out on the match fees sheet).  A team conceding a second match before 1st January or a team conceding a match after 1st January shall have its results expunged from the league records and shall automatically be relegated.  Clubs have the right to appeal in writing no later than two weeks after the date of the conceded match.


S    Each team plays the other teams in its division twice.


T    Any club failing to field a complete team shall be required to pay to the League, for each missing or incomplete pair, the full adult match fee for one pair for both its own pair and that of the opposition.

U    Scorecards for matches will be found in the boxes at each venue.  They must be completed by the home team and the Duty Club should ensure the completed score cards are put in the envelope provided which should then be replaced in the box.


V   In the Junior League players must be 16 or under on 1st April.

A team that finishes second in any division shall have the right to challenge the team that finishes second from bottom in the next highest division.  All challenges must be made within three days of the last fixture of the season.  If a higher team refuses the challenge, it will be relegated.  The challenging team must contact the team in the higher division and notify the league Secretary.  Failure to do so within three days will mean the challenge match will not be allowed by the committee.

      All challenge matches must be played at a venue determined by the league committee not later than two weeks after the last match of the season.  Normal match format and player eligibility shall apply.  

      Challenge matches will be played until one team has won four rubbers or, if the match is drawn three rubbers all, the team that has won the most games and, if the games are also drawn, the most points, shall be declared the winner.

      All players must pay the normal match fee, whether or not they play a full match.  Shuttles must be supplied by the higher (home) team but the cost must be shared by both teams.