About the Solihull Badminton League (SBL)

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The Solihull League was set up in 1972 and has been running now for 40 years.  Although the number of participating clubs has varied over the years, the league continues to thrive and is still running The Battledore Cup which is a club knock-out, handicap tournament.

In 1985, because clubs wanted to play men's and ladies' doubles, but didn't have the court time, the League Committee organised a Sunday night men's and ladies' league.  At that time, there were three men's divisions and two ladies' divisions and the competition was run at two different venues which was later reduced to one when fewer teams were entered.

A few years ago the League Committee introduced a new league on Sunday nights called the "Combined" league.  The format of this league means that clubs only need two men and two ladies for a team, playing four mixed, a ladies' and a men's. This has proved very successful.

Battledore Cup Tournament was run on Sunday nights over the Season at one of the League Venues but uring season 2006/2007, only about six clubs entered this tournament and the committee decided to run it as a one day tournament.  This proved quite successful, with ten teams entering and there were two groups with each team playing the other on a format based on the combined division.  However, two seasons ago the committee ran the tournament with only a few teams entering and, Unfortunately,  it made a huge loss.  The committee has not run this tournament for the last two seasons.

In season 2008/2009 the League Committee started running a Singles League and also a Junior League.  At the moment, there is one division in the Singles League and there is one division in the Junior League. 

Solihull - World Record Holder for most participants in a badminton rally!