Matches at Lode Heath on 4th November 2018

13th Oct 2018    By Clare Nicholson

I have just been notified by Lode Heath School that major work is being carried out at the school and, consequently, for safety reasons, the hall will not be available on 4th November.

The following matches were scheduled for that night:-

Combined Division 1         Balsall Common –v- Uni-T
Combined Division 2         Lighthall 1 –v- Solihull & Shirley 2
Junior Division 1              Tudor Grange –v- S&S DHL
Junior Division 1              Solihull & Shirley –v- WMPC

The first three will be played at the end of the season at Lode Heath – 24th February.  However, the junior match between Solihull & Shirley and WMPC (highlighted) cannot be played because WMPC is already playing at on 24th February at Langley, so, therefore, it is proposed to play this match at Langley on 25th November. 

I have emailed all clubs concerned informing them and asking for confirmation of receipt of the email.  

League Secretary